Buying Women’s Watches As Gifts

4Some time ago I built a site to promote men’s watches. I learned that shopping for a watch can be a daunting task. But as a man, I went about it in a logical way. What would I use the watch for? Well as I started doing some research for women’s watches, as a gift, I realized this is a whole new ball game. A watch really makes a nice gift, you just need to guess which is the right one.

While looking for a mens watch, I would just consider work or dress and then pick out the color I liked. With a watch for a woman, that just won’t cut it. Consider some typical basics. The first step may be as simple as just dress or casual. Simple enough right? Well after that it’s not just as simple as your favorite color. I found you will need (according to my wife) a black watch, a gold watch, a silver watch, probably some type of running watch, some kind of fun watch like a Disney watch or a bright colored watch.

Yes, women’s watches are definitely, harder to choose from than a mens watch. I guess that’s why some online retailers offer over 50,000. So, what do you buy? My first trick is to take note of what my wife has. If I notice she has a black watch and a silver watch, the obvious choice is a gold watch. Do any of her watches have diamonds? Diamonds are a girls best friend so make sure you check that.

If your wife has any hobbies, women’s watches offer some great gifts. If she is a golfer, you will find some fashionable golf watches online. If she likes diving, there are some great dive watches available in a wide variety of colors. You will also find some sharp runners watches with heart monitors built in. Match her outfit for bonus points. Anniversary’s are best served by a nice dress watch, gold or diamond is usually the safe bet.

As for cost, while you can get a watch for under $20, start looking at around $100 for better quality and outstanding selection. If it is a special occasion, or if you budget permits, the sky is the limit. I have seen women’s watches well over $50,000, but she may prefer a car at that point.

So if you are looking for a gift you that special woman in your life, consider the variety and selection women’s watches offer. Shopping online will make this gift giving option a breeze. If you are concerned about buying the right watch, trust me, if you are buying it for the right reason, you cannot buy her the wrong watch. Even if you have terrible taste, if you explain to her why you picked this watch, you will warm her heart. Don’t forget to tell her how you checked her inventory, did some research online and read a couple of articles to try to get her just the perfect watch. And just to be sure, you kept the receipt. Even is she returns it for another, you will come out ahead.

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