Buying Her the Perfect Woman’s Watch

5Buying her that perfect women’s watch is as easy as figuring out what she was upset about last night. So yeah, it’s not as easy as you think. Before the women start hating me, remember, I’m trying to get him to buy you a better watch, so the trade off is fair. No more women jokes from here on out, I promise.

There are many considerations beyond price when you’re looking for that perfect women’s watch for her, so listen up, doghouse boy. You have to think about four distinct factors: price, fashion, her lifestyle and value.

Price is a pretty easy one over all. You know what you planned on spending before you even got to this article. Now add 20% to that. I’m not joking. Be honest with yourself here man. You always end up spending more than you want to on stuff for her, so plan on spending a little more. For me, here’s how it goes down; I allocate some funds (trying to be business-like and using words like “allocate” helps) and I begin looking for deals. I find these sought after deals and then that makes me look for more deals, until I end up finding a deal I can’t pass up. And it’s usually 20% higher than I budgeted for.

Fashion is another important aspect of buying women’s watches. Is she flashy and in need of some new ice for the red carpet or a glamorous woman on the go? Buying your hard working woman a watch that she might never wear because it’s too fancy or too plain is never a good idea. Look at her current jewelry and use that as a template as far as style goes.

Her lifestyle factors in as well. Soccer moms in general do not wear $10,000 diamond watches, neither does the weekend sport-gal. Think about it genius. If you two are social butterflies and make the upscale social circuits, cool, get that kind of watch. If she is like most women in the world and way busier than she should be, think classy, but rugged and functional.

Value is the last thing on our list when buying women’s watches. Will the watch retain some value? Is it going to be a watch that when she becomes attached to it, can be repaired? I know that sounds kind of weird. But you bought it for her and if watch is not even worth repairing if it breaks, what is the point? Now you have to buy another one and she lost something of value to her.

Consider the occasion as well. Is this a just because gift? An anniversary? A birthday? Take the event into consideration. Buying your wife a gold women’s watch is always a good idea, failing to do so on your 50th wedding anniversary? You’ve been married 50 years and should know better!

Women’s watches are something they really do like. It’s strange that we men types never really notice it until their current watch breaks. She will drop some hints and will let you know her watch is not working. This is a hint Sherlock, get on it!

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